PADI IDC Gili Air Testimonial at Oceans 5 by Casper Morch


PADI IDC Gili Air Indonesia

PADI IDC Gili Air Indonesia


Dive I arrived on Gili Air, excited to get some fun diving in before I was going to begin my highly anticipated IDC course. The reception staff were incredibly kind, helped me find a place and organized a dive for me on the first day. Needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed. After 15 turtles on the first dive, I knew I was going to have some fun. Two weeks of fun diving filled with cuttlefish, robust ghost pipefish and some blue spotted stingrays, was made all the better by professional and skilled dive masters. I knew I had chosen the right place.

When the real work began, my PADI course director Giny Pinto was a knowledgeable and skilled teacher, making all of the preparation theory simple and easy to understand. Moving on to the EFRI, I felt that my colleagues and I were picking up on the skills and lessons really quickly, both due to a hardworking group of people and some great teaching.

Just a few days into the PADI IDC Gili Air, daily presentations are spaced out with breaks in between to allow for our brains to relax a little. Their effort in the pool with a group of 5 students each was patient and effective. As students you can see when your teachers are passionate and hardworking, and the effect it has on their students. Those are the words I would use to describe both Giny and Joeri as they went the extra mile to ensure all of us would not only pass the IE, but become the best instructors we could be.

Oceans 5 Gili Air has a formidable team that can make a great instructor out of everyone, and I was privileged to be able to work with them.

PADI Instructor Development Course Gili Air Indonesia

PADI Instructor development course preparation at Oceans 5 IDC centre in Gili Air


Oceans 5 Gili Air and their PADI Course Directors conduct a PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) every month. Usually the PADI dive instructor course progresses without any major obstacles for the instructor candidates, but this depends mostly on the preparation level of the candidates.

For this reason Oceans 5 organizes a complimentary IDC preparation prior to the official kick off.

PADI Instructor development Course at Oceans 5 Gili Air in Indonesia

PADI Instructor development Course at Oceans 5 Gili Air in Indonesia


The main focus during IDC’s at Oceans 5 is the development of entry level dive professionals into confident scuba dive instructors who are in control of their students, who know their duties and who understand the meaning and importance of standards. A lot of assignments are given and plenty of workshops are organized in order to ensure that candidates understand their role as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. These assignments and workshops are built upon previous learning and take candidates to the next level. Obviously it is very important that a candidate is comfortable with dive theory, skill demonstrations and all recreational course specific topics such as rescue exercises, knots, compass navigation etc.

Candidates don’t always come fully prepared, and that’s ok! Some people decide to go for a change in career years after their last diving course. In this case candidates are not expected to remember everything they have previously learned. A proper refresher program and some hands on experience assisting seasoned instructors are in order to get candidates on track.

Often candidates never had any intention on becoming a dive instructor initially. Depending on the intention of a diver, the learning process might differ from person to person. A Divemaster candidate, who only wants to guide certified divers in remote and challenging conditions, is going to focus mostly on techniques and knowledge relevant to guiding certified divers during the Divemaster course. Obviously, when this particular Divemaster decides to go for the instructor rating, hands on experience assisting courses is again recommended.

After a successful PADI Instructor Development Course candidates are allowed to join a PADI Instructor Examination (IE) and show one last time that they are ready to plunge into the dive industry and start teaching. At Oceans the Course Directors recommend the candidates to join the IE only when they are ready. The Course Directors will continue to work with the candidates until they are at the expected level. The PADI Instructor training  at Oceans 5 is a performance based and candidate centered program, so there are absolutely no time limits.

PADI Instructor Development Course preparation

Before enrolling in the PADI IDC Gili Islands, Oceans 5 offers a complimentary IDC preparation program, as mentioned earlier. Usually the preparation takes around four days, but can be longer depending on the needs of candidates. Oceans 5 is happy to provide additional preparation next to our standard preparation program. The standard preparation consists of five theory presentations (physics, physiology, equipment, skills & environment and decompression theory) relevant to diving. After these presentations candidates should be comfortable filling out practice exams. After a few of these exams and correcting together with the course directors, the candidates are prepared for a big segment of the PADI IDC. The official exams during the IDC and the IE are only a walk through the park.

Next to the theory lectures, the course directors of Oceans 5 organize a couple of swimming pool sessions to work on skill demonstrations. This skill circuit covers mainly skills from the PADI Open Water Course, but can also include skills from all the other courses depending on what instructor candidates need. After these swimming pool sessions, another part of the IDC and IE is covered, and less worries for the candidates during the official programs.

What can the candidate do before he arrives at the PADI IDC Gili Air?

Before arriving on site and joining the programs, quite a bit of studying can be done beforehand.
It is recommended for future IDC candidates to read through their manuals of courses they have previously taken (Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue and Divemaster), practice dive planning with the available PADI materials, assist experienced PADI Instructors and practice skills under supervision.

For more information on the professional development programs and the PADI IDC Gili Islands preparation programs that Oceans 5 has to offer check out our website .

Instructor Course Gili Air

Instructor Course Gili Air

Before Steve started his Instructor Course Gili Air, he finished his PADI divemaster course in Komodo with Manta Rhei. Komodo is an amazing place to dive. It is in the top 3 op best dive destinations in Indonesia. The marine life is amazing from Mantas till pipefish.
He decided to join the PADI IDC at Oceans 5 Gili Air. And he completed the group with 5 other guys. During the PADI Instructor training we saw that the group was having lots of fun. It was one of the groups you will miss as a PADI Course Director.
PADI Scuba Dive Instructor Course Gili Air

PADI Scuba Dive Instructor Course Gili Air

Steve wrote his experience about the PADI Instructor Course Gili Air. Have a read!

Hello!!What to say about our instructor course Gili Air? Nothing except everything was just perfect. We had lot of fun and our course directors are awesome. They began slowly in our progress and as they saw, we were confident, they became harder and more strict. How can you better prepare us for the instructor examination. We all finished with excellent marks…

Then it’s not only about PADI IDC. They still stay human beings and help you as they can if you get any trouble to perform your training.

During the PADI Instructor Examination (IE), the course director aren’t allowed to help us but they stay around to give us a psychological support and it helped a lot.

The logistic of the center is perfect. Pool and training sites facilities. Everything is in place to easily learn how to become dive professionals.

Highly recommended. Thank you oceans5 for all what you’ve done.

Steve Chardonnens

Oceans 5 Gili Air is a PADI 5 star Career Development Centre located in the Gili Islands in Indonesia. We have scheduled twelve PADI Scuba Dive Instructor Courses in 2017. Oceans 5 has 3 in the house PADI Course Director who can teach in the following languages: English, Dutch, French, Spanish and German.

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PADI IDC Gili Air Islands: Sam’s Scuba Dive Instructor Course

PADI IDC Gili Air Islands: Sam’s Scuba Dive Instructor Course


Sam was one of the PADI IDC Gili Air Islands candidates of the last PADI Instructor Development Course (PADI IDC) at Oceans 5. He did his PADI Divemaster Course with Blue Marine at Gili Air. And after this course he decided to become a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor at Oceans 5.


PADI IDC Gili Air Gili Islands in Indonesia

PADI IDC Gili Air Gili Islands in Indonesia


Sam wrote a testimonial how he experienced the PADI IDC Gili Air Islands course. Here it is:

“I recently completed my PADI IDC Gili Air with Oceans 5 and can highly recommend this dive school to anyone looking for a professional and exciting place to undertake their instructor training.

The course is very well organised with great classroom and pool facilities. We managed to complete the all the course material between 8.30 am and 5 pm on most days and were thoroughly prepared by the time of the examination.

The staff at Oceans 5 Gili Air immediately made me feel like part of the team and it was a fun place to hang out for a beer after class had finished.

We were lucky enough to have both course directors, Giny Pinto and Joeri van Hal, teaching us during the course and benefitted from their collective knowledge.

Giny has a fantastic energy and bundles of passion for scuba diving. She worked well with all the candidates quickly assessing their strengths and any gaps in their knowledge or skills. This helped us learn from each other and prepare efficiently for the examination. Her strengths lie in teaching candidates how to control students and emphasising the key attributes of being a role model diver. 

Joeri is a no nonsense kind of guy and brought purpose in each session we had with him. He was very clear on what we needed to show the examiner for the confined and open water session and taught us lots of tricks of the trade along the way. 

Thanks to everyone at Oceans 5 Gili Air for their help throughout the course and I will hopefully we see you all again soon!”


If you like to know the PADI IDC Gili Air Islands dates or PADI Diving Instructor Course Prices write us an email.

PADI Instructor Course Gili Air by Sebastian

PADI IDC Gili Air Islands

PADI IDC Gili Air has certified another 6 new PADI dive instructors.

Here is the story of Sebastian. He joined the PADI Instructor Course Gili Air last November.

PADI IDC Gili Air in Indonesia


“I’m very glad that I decided to complete my instructor development course (PADI IDC) with Oceans 5 Gili Air. Both PADI course directors, Giny and Joeri, were extremely knowledgeable.

I totally enjoyed my experience here. They were not only teaching us how to pass the IE and become an instructor; they helped us to challenge ourselves to do our best. I felt very welcome at Oceans 5, as all the staffs here treated me as part of the team. They constantly encouraged me and they were always there for me when I needed help with anything. My experiences definitely went beyond my expectations.”

Oceans 5 Gili Air is a PADI 5 star Career Development Centre with 3 PADI Course Directors. They run 12 PADI instructor development courses (PADI IDC) in 2017. The 3 course directors, Giny Pinto, Joeri van Hal and Sander Buis, are having more than 30 years of diving experience around the Gili Islands in Indonesia.

If you like to have more information about the instructor course dates or PADI IDC Gili Air prices write us an email.

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Fish ID specialty course


Fish ID Specialty Course at Oceans 5 Dive Resort


Fish ID specialty course at Oceans 5 Gili Air

Fish ID specialty course at Oceans 5 Gili Air



What is that blue fish about 10cm long? A question a lot of dive professionals get. In order to correctly identify fish, a bit more information than blue and 10cm is required. Become a diver who can spot specific attributes of a fish, narrow the possibilities down and identify the fish with the fish ID specialty course.
Also PADI Instructors can continue their education by signing up for the Fish ID Instructor Specialty Course with one of our Course Directors. Being able to teach about fish that can be found in the specific environment is fun and very rewarding for students. After all the majority of people start diving because they want to see what life underwater is all about.


Why fish identification?

It’s fun! Divers like to talk about diving, and in most cases the main topic is all the beautiful things they’ve spotted on their last dive. Often you hear buddy’s discussing who’s right or wrong, when it comes to identifying underwater life, until someone clarifies the correct answer. It’s all part of the dive community, a passion that is shared with people all over the world and it is a nice feeling being able to join conversations regarding fish in our waters

On a more serious note, fish identification is necessary to build awareness and to determine the state of ecosystems.On little tropical islands like Gili Air in Indonesia, a very popular way of dining is barbeque grilled fish and seafood on the beach with a view. The selection of fresh fish is massive, but neither local fishermen nor tourists know that certain fish are threatened or endangered. Also the fact that a lot of fish which is caught is undersized and can cause a species having difficulties to reproduce. Having basic knowledge and identification skills makes you able to choose your dinner in an ecological responsible way and hopefully discourages fishermen to go after endangered species or immature fish.

All fish have their place in the ecosystem, creating a delicate balance. In our tropical waters, entire reefs can die when one link in the ecosystem is missing.
For example, a big family of fish we have here around the Gili Islands are the Butterfly-fish.
Butterfly-fish live on shallow reefs eating algae of coral. Unfortunately they are quite popular with fishtank enthusiasts. For this reason butterflies get fished out to keep up with demand. A shallow reef, without any butterfly-fish is not healthy and is bound to vanish. Understanding the behavior of fish and their habitat and role within an ecosystem can help you identify threats, which is the first step in finding a solution.

Fish ID specialty diver prerequisites:

10 years of age
(Junior) Open Water Diver

For more information on the Fish ID specialty course or the Fish ID Instructor specialty course visit us on our website.

PADI Gili IDC with Ashley

PADI Gili IDC at Oceans 5 Gili Air in Indonesia


A few weeks ago the PADI Gili IDC started. This time Oceans 5 Gili Air welcomed 8 candidates and one PADI Instructor who needed a refresher.

The candidates are from all over the world and that makes it a nice and joy able group to teach. One of the candidates is Ashley. She became today a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor! Congrats!

Ashley wrote the following testimonial about the PADI Gili IDC at Oceans 5


Ashley’s PADI instructor training course at Gili Air


Ashley's PADI Gili IDC at Oceans 5 Gili Air

Ashley’s PADI Gili IDC at Oceans 5 Gili Airj



Deciding to take the next step in my scuba adventure and career was easy with Oceans 5 Gili Air. They laid out a clear path for me to follow and were able to answer all of my (sometimes silly) questions.

After arriving in paradise (Gili Air) I was able to enjoy some diving before the real work started, and once the PADI Gili IDC did start our course directors were able to make the learning manageable and even at times fun.

They are not only teaching us what we need to know to become professional PADI instructors, but also helping us gain the confidence to be the best teachers that we can be.

The result was there today. All IDC candidates passed the PADI Instructor Examination with high scores! They are in a few days allowed to teach.

Oceans 5 Gili Air offers the possibility for the new instructors to assist  experienced instructors at PADI courses before they start teaching their first course.

If you are interested in the PADI Gili IDC at Oceans 5, like Ashley did, write our course directors Joeri or Giny an IDC email.




PADI IDC Indonesia


PADI IDC Indonesia


Last month a happy Brazilian guy walked into to the shop. His name is Fernando and he has a dream. His dream is to become a PADI Dive Instructor with PADI IDC Indonesia so he can travel and work together with his girlfriend.

Fernando wrote a beautiful testi,onial about it! About the PADI instructor training course and about the people of Oceans 5 Gili Air!

Thank you Fernando!


PADI IDC Indonesia at Oceans 5 Gili Air

PADI IDC Indonesia at Oceans 5 Gili Air

Fernando’s testimonial at PADI IDC Indonesia at Oceans 5 Gili Air

I couldn’t have chosen to do my PADI IDC in a better place.


PADI IDC Indonesia with Fernando at Oceans 5 Gili Air

PADI IDC Indonesia with Fernando at Oceans 5 Gili Air


I’m very grateful to Oceans 5 Gili Air and all its staff who were very friendly and helpful since the very first moment I step into the shop.
I was very luck to have Ginny as a Course Director. I couldn’t have had a better one. I learnt a lot from her and it was very nice because the learning process was always having fun. She was every morning earlier at the classroom to help us with any doubts we may have had, and she was also staying in the afternoon, after we classes and pool were done to keep helping us. She helped me a lot as well with all the theory since it was long time ago when I took my dive master course. She prepared us very well for the IE, but the most important thing is that she prepared us to be good PADI instructors, since we learn how to teach having fun and always being on the safe side of the diving. The way it has to be!
I big thank you as well to Sander, since even in the difficult times he was always there ready to help and ready to do anything that needed to be done.
I had a great time at Oceans 5, I learnt a lot and hope now I can start to teach everything I learnt from them.

I highly recommend them, for PADI IDC Indonesia and for diving. It is a great dive center, managed by great people and with great instructors!

If you are interested in the PADI IDC Indonesia at Oceans 5 Gili Air become a PADI Instructor write Course Director Giny an IDC email.

PADI IDC with Mark

PADI IDC Gili at Gili Air with Mark



mark's PADI IDC at Oceans 5 Gili Air in Indonesia




Mark was one of the PADI IDC candidates of the last PADI IDC at Gili Air at Oceans 5 Gili Air in Indonesia. Mark did his IDC, MSDT, Eco Diver instructor package and DDI instructor Training Course. He is ready now to work all the the world. Well he will return to Thailand and follow his dream to work as a PADI and DDI instructor! We will hope to see you soon back!

Testimonial of Mark about the PADI IDC at Gili Air at Oceans 5

So I’ve just finished my PADI IDC at Gili Air and MSDT training. What an awesome time! I decided to do mine with Oceans 5 Dive resort and what a brilliant decision, that turned out to be. The staff here are amazing and really professional.

If I had to describe the PADI IDC, it would be this amazing, tiring, incredible, terrifying, wonderful, exhausting, fun, oh and fun.

I had a truly great time with Oceans 5 and made some friends for life. I’d recommend this for anyone thinking of becoming a professional diver.

And to Giny thank you so much for your continued patience and wonderful spirit. You made the IDC a real pleasure to be part of. 😜

If you like to have more information about diving; please write Giny or Joeri, our course directors, an IDC email.