Gili Air is the best island in the world to teach diving

The magic of island life on Gili Air is made through human connection.


The best island in the world to teach diving On Gili Air, the magic of island life is made through human connection.

The best island in the world to teach diving
On Gili Air, the magic of island life is made through human connection.

Thinking about jumping ship – or cubicle – and following your dream of becoming a dive instructor? Or maybe you’ve already taken the plunge – pun intended, but are now looking for a change of current? Yet where to begin or where to next is always the question. And with so many paradisiac parts of the world accessible to dive professionals, this can become quite an overwhelming decision.

Most of these dive hubs will offer excellent facilities, great diving conditions, palm trees,
coconuts, crystal clear waters, breathtaking sunsets, beautiful women, you get the idea, so we’re not going to give you that speel. Sure, Gili Air has all those things – in abundance, that’s not what makes our island unique or notably different from the hundreds of other tropical islands around the world.

What’s the point of moving to such a paradise only to find yourself alone, far from your
friends and with no one to share it with? As the great Alexander Supertramp once said ‘happiness is only real when shared’, the thing that makes our tropical paradise so unbelievably unique; the crew you’ll be sharing it with.

When you do your IDC with Oceans 5 Dive or go for your first dive on your first day of
work, we’ll be there by your side. When you see your first green turtle one of our guides
will swim beside you making the turtle sign with great enthusiasm even though they’ve
been swimming with these guys for years; they’ll get excited cause you’re excited. When
you’re gearing up in the morning, you’ll be greeted round every corner by coffeeless,
hungover, happy individuals who will always have a smile for you even though they’re
half asleep. When you take your first discover scuba course, you’ll be met with multiple
helpers on the boat grabbing your gear and giving you an understanding squeeze when
one of your students tries to breathe from their inflator hose.
There are not many places of work that you get to scuba dive every day with all your best
friends. And that’s just skimming the surface. Beyond our dive shop, our entire island is
one big family that in just a few days you’ll be an integral part of.

This is an island where you’ll sit down for a beer with someone from the complete oppo-
site side of the world only to find yourself best man at their wedding years later. An island where you’ll have just as many mates underwater as above water, seeing a friendly face on every dive who will always be happy to point out that hidden pigmy seahorse you’re casually swimming over. An island where in times of struggle there are too many shoulders to cry on so instead you’ll find yourself laughing through the tears. This is an island where people connect on a level that’s so much deeper than diving.

Come join our giant, goofy, loveable, crazy fun island family. We’re here waiting for you
beer in hand, feet in the sand.

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