Divemaster Course in Gili Air

Diving Deep into Gili Air life as Divemaster

Divemaster Course in Gili Air

Divemaster Course in Gili Air

Find your paradise on Gili Air and a new career with the Oceans5 PADI Divemaster Course.

Here at Oceans 5 Gili Air, our Divemaster course teaches you how to become a professional div- er and industry leader. Through expert training, workshops and hands-on practical as- sessment, you’ll acquire the skills to guide and supervise clients, assisting our experi- enced PADI Instructors during diver training.

Oceans 5 Dive is a Career Development Dive Resort hence during your Divemaster train- ing you will learn not only how a regular dive shop runs, but an IDC dive shop. We also offer additional workshops to give you the most well-rounded training available, just ask our latest candidates!

Ten Divemaster candidates recently finished up their time at Oceans5 Dive on Gili Air and were keen to share what an amazing experience they had. While it’s been a wild few months with the earthquake and its effects, our DMCs have left with great stories to tell and new skills not only in diving but people management, NGO coordination and how to work under stress.

Divemaster candidate James was part of our Oceans 5 family during the quake and its aftermath:

“I felt like the whole place was a big family and they take you on board with open arms. After the quake hit, rather than just leaving us to our own resources we were all put up in a villa in Bali where together we worked to help our friends and their families back in Lombok organising fast ferry rentals for supply runs and other things. Being together also kept our morale high and we motivated each other to continue on during this crazy time.

After the earthquakes and the chaos, being on the island and just hanging out was pretty special. It’s a super great place with so much to do on your days off or when you’re not diving.

During the recent earthquake, James and our Divemaster Candidates really were invalu- able to us. They helped with all sorts of side projects above and beyond the course. At Oceans5 Dive we really do stick together through the good, the bad, the ugly and even the shaky.

Lotte, another of our Divemaster candidates, loved the many facets of Gili Air life.

“I loved the freedom: that you could take a day off to go to the beach or climb Mt Rinjani and that you could take all the time you needed, no rush.

“I loved snorkeling and also Scubawing – it’s like learning how to do underwater acrobat- ics. And diving around the Gili Islands is amazing! All the best dives sites are only 25 minutes away or less.

“And I loved the people: the Oceans 5 family where everyone was so fun but when you had an issue everyone was ready to help.”

At Oceans 5 we pride ourselves on being one big family, welcoming all our guests and DMCs to come and join us. And not just when we’re at the shop: we do dinners, spend time off together and hang out when times get tough.

Divemaster candidate Marie, being a bit of a foodie, loved the variety of cheap eat op- tions available on Gili Air.

“Yes the diving is awesome, but the food! So many yummy places to eat. You can even get Italian pizza handmade by real Italian men, and authentic Mexican food!”

But when Marie did have to knuckle down and get working what she loved most was that she didn’t even have to leave the shop to get a good feed between dives:

“We may not have Uber Eats, but you can still organise to get your lunch delivered to the shop from all different places on the island whether it’s pizza or nasi, you’ll eat like a king and keep your energy up whilst you dive.

And while she was busy learning Marie could always have some cat therapy if she need- ed it;

“I love the fact that Oceans 5 is such a cat-friendly place.”


Gili Air is actually full of friendly well-looked-after cats. Wherever you go you can get cud- dles and make new friends both animal and human.

Gili Air is open for business and very much alive, and Oceans 5 is waiting for you to find your paradise here and maybe even a new career as a qualified Divemaster.

For more information on our Gili Air, PADI Divemaster Course check out: https://www.oceans5dive.com/en/padi-divemaster-course-gili-islands-indonesia

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