Chinese PADI Course Director at the Gili Islands

Chinese PADI Course Director Tin at the Gilis in Indonesia

PADI Instructor Tin or Li Ding, joined a few years ago our team. In this years he followed the PADI road till Course Director. We, Oceans 5 Gili Air, are very proud to have Tin in our team as one of the main Course Directors. This is Tin’s story how to become a course director, and how to achieve his dream. He will be the first Chinese PADI Course Director on the Gili Islands.

Tin’s story

My story of leading myself to becoming a PADI Course Director would be traced back to the moment I did my Instructor Development Course (IDC). I was naturally and completely inspired by the charm of the 2 Course Directors I had, meanwhile I just realized how important and encouraging to be a good role model for the future instructors to pass on your passion, enthusiasm, minds, approaches…

PADI Course Director Ding Li

PADI Course Director Ding Li


After becoming an instructor, joining Oceans 5 Dive Gili Air in Indonesia, i got another opportunity to grow and progress. High standard and quality teaching, the strong team capacity to work tightly, the courtesy of treating customers…, my career was just fully enriched by those people and spirits, till I cannot wait to share those what I absorbed to more people, I decided not to hesitate.


PADI Course Director Ding Li at the Gili Islands Indonesia

PADI Course Director Li Ding  at the Gili Islands Indonesia


“Teaching them to become nice PADI instructors”, I think that’s a really simple reason why I chose to be a PADI CD, but ‘sharing is caring’, since I care the industry, I would be more than pleased to share to those who are also ready.

Happy bubbles!

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