Mask Clearing

The secrets behind mask clearing…

Clearing a mask is an essential skill that needs to be mastered by many in the very early stages of your scuba education. Understanding the concept is one thing, doing it might sound frightening in the beginning. Water surrounding your nose can be uncomfortable for some of us…

Let’s try to work on this! TIP: Fear of water getting into your nose? Looking down before flooding the mask will avoid water entering in it! First, let’s think about what needs to happen…


Mask Clearing

Mask Clearing

We need to flood the mask, and like everything in scuba diving, the slower the better, especially when submerged in cold water. This allows your face, it’s sensitive receptors and your nose to get slowly used to the presence of water. Breaking the seal of the mask is very important: gently lifting the bottom of the mask or one side of the mask skirt while tilting your head sideways, or slightly pinching the top part with two fingers should work fine. TIP: For a partial mask flood, lift your mask from below until water is under your eyelevel, the remaining air in your mask should keep the mask from flooding completely.

Now, you need to increase air pressure inside your mask to allow it to push the water out. Here are 2 means to achieve this. The first technique is probably the easiest one. Start by cautiously exhaling through your nose while looking down and maintaining pressure on the top part of your mask by pressing it firmly against your forehead. Then, while the air pressure is now increasing in your mask, start tilting your head backwards (looking up may help) and continuing exhaling through the nose. Repeat it if your mask is not completely clear of course. TIP: Just blow out gently will do the trick!

Clearing a mask

Clearing a mask

Blowing out too hard will make the air escape and bubble out in the water. The second one is to do a “C” shape with your thumb and index of each hand to lift skillfully (a few mm please!) the lower part of your mask while maintaining the top part sealed on your forehead. The exhalation need to be timed perfectly with the lifting of the mask. Here as well, a slight tilt of the head backwards will ease the clearing. TIP: Are you wearing contacts or fearing the water will sting your eyes? Keep your eyes closed!

Now time to practice and let us know in the comments below which technique is working for you! PS: Clearing the mask is facilitated by having a mask that fits you well.

More on this in our next blog: No more mask leaks: how to choose a mask that suits you!

Gili Air is the best island in the world to teach diving

The magic of island life on Gili Air is made through human connection.


The best island in the world to teach diving On Gili Air, the magic of island life is made through human connection.

The best island in the world to teach diving
On Gili Air, the magic of island life is made through human connection.

Thinking about jumping ship – or cubicle – and following your dream of becoming a dive instructor? Or maybe you’ve already taken the plunge – pun intended, but are now looking for a change of current? Yet where to begin or where to next is always the question. And with so many paradisiac parts of the world accessible to dive professionals, this can become quite an overwhelming decision.

Most of these dive hubs will offer excellent facilities, great diving conditions, palm trees,
coconuts, crystal clear waters, breathtaking sunsets, beautiful women, you get the idea, so we’re not going to give you that speel. Sure, Gili Air has all those things – in abundance, that’s not what makes our island unique or notably different from the hundreds of other tropical islands around the world.

What’s the point of moving to such a paradise only to find yourself alone, far from your
friends and with no one to share it with? As the great Alexander Supertramp once said ‘happiness is only real when shared’, the thing that makes our tropical paradise so unbelievably unique; the crew you’ll be sharing it with.

When you do your IDC with Oceans 5 Dive or go for your first dive on your first day of
work, we’ll be there by your side. When you see your first green turtle one of our guides
will swim beside you making the turtle sign with great enthusiasm even though they’ve
been swimming with these guys for years; they’ll get excited cause you’re excited. When
you’re gearing up in the morning, you’ll be greeted round every corner by coffeeless,
hungover, happy individuals who will always have a smile for you even though they’re
half asleep. When you take your first discover scuba course, you’ll be met with multiple
helpers on the boat grabbing your gear and giving you an understanding squeeze when
one of your students tries to breathe from their inflator hose.
There are not many places of work that you get to scuba dive every day with all your best
friends. And that’s just skimming the surface. Beyond our dive shop, our entire island is
one big family that in just a few days you’ll be an integral part of.

This is an island where you’ll sit down for a beer with someone from the complete oppo-
site side of the world only to find yourself best man at their wedding years later. An island where you’ll have just as many mates underwater as above water, seeing a friendly face on every dive who will always be happy to point out that hidden pigmy seahorse you’re casually swimming over. An island where in times of struggle there are too many shoulders to cry on so instead you’ll find yourself laughing through the tears. This is an island where people connect on a level that’s so much deeper than diving.

Come join our giant, goofy, loveable, crazy fun island family. We’re here waiting for you
beer in hand, feet in the sand.

PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Specialty

PADI Sea Turtle Awareness specialty at Oceans 5 Dive Resort


PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Specialty

PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Specialty

Our Dive Resort, located on Gili Air in Indonesia, offers both participant and instructor levels for the PADI Sea Turtle Awareness specialty.

In between all the sad and depressing news articles that cover plastic pollution, overfishing and the palm oil industry, only to name a few, there are also news topics that brighten up our days.

Although all species of sea turtles are on the IUCN red list with status ranging from vulnerable (leatherback) to critically endangered (Hawksbill and Kemp’s Ridley) globally, around the Gili Islands in Lombok, Indonesia you are guaranteed to find a healthy population of 2 species: the Green Sea Turtle and the Hawksbill.

Our local sea turtles are a major tourist attraction. Both local and western businesses understand the importance of protecting aquatic life, including turtles. Nesting grounds on the beach are fenced off to protect hatchlings and the hatchlings are kept in nurseries until they are a bit older which increses their chance of survival.

Scuba divers and snorkelers alike enjoy spending time with these locals. Over the years our sea turtles have become used to the presence of observers. This allows for very close encounters with these gentle creatures as they carry on with their day to day bussiness.

This doesn’t mean that the waters surrounding the Gili Islands are sea turtle petting zoo. Strict rules of interaction apply and these rules are well known to all scuba diving operation and snorkel tour companies.

What is the PADI Sea Turtle Awareness all about?


Sea Turtle around the Gili Islands

Sea Turtle around the Gili Islands

The specialty kicks off with with an introduction to sea turtles. The instructor will explain the anatomy of sea turtles, how they feed and what their main foodsources are.

Participants will also learn how to identify all species of sea turtle with the help of a sea turtle field guide.

Furthermore particpants will learn how sea turtles breed and what happens with a hatchling through out it’s life. The instructor will also explain how we can minimize our impact on their breeding and nesting behaviour, as this is today a big problem with the continuing development of coastlines.

To end the course the instructor will lead 2 dives in open water to sites where participants will guaranteed spot both the Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtle. The newly aquired identification skills can be put into practice followed by a debriefing and a discussion on why the observed turtles are thriving around the beautiful Gili Islands.

Become a Sea Turtle Awareness diver and help us protect these beautiful ancient sea creatures.

Help scuba divers become aware of the struggles that modern sea turtles are going through by becoming a PADI Sea Turtle Awareness Specialty Instructor and educate scuba divers.

Divemaster Course in Gili Air

Diving Deep into Gili Air life as Divemaster

Divemaster Course in Gili Air

Divemaster Course in Gili Air

Find your paradise on Gili Air and a new career with the Oceans5 PADI Divemaster Course.

Here at Oceans 5 Gili Air, our Divemaster course teaches you how to become a professional div- er and industry leader. Through expert training, workshops and hands-on practical as- sessment, you’ll acquire the skills to guide and supervise clients, assisting our experi- enced PADI Instructors during diver training.

Oceans 5 Dive is a Career Development Dive Resort hence during your Divemaster train- ing you will learn not only how a regular dive shop runs, but an IDC dive shop. We also offer additional workshops to give you the most well-rounded training available, just ask our latest candidates!

Ten Divemaster candidates recently finished up their time at Oceans5 Dive on Gili Air and were keen to share what an amazing experience they had. While it’s been a wild few months with the earthquake and its effects, our DMCs have left with great stories to tell and new skills not only in diving but people management, NGO coordination and how to work under stress.

Divemaster candidate James was part of our Oceans 5 family during the quake and its aftermath:

“I felt like the whole place was a big family and they take you on board with open arms. After the quake hit, rather than just leaving us to our own resources we were all put up in a villa in Bali where together we worked to help our friends and their families back in Lombok organising fast ferry rentals for supply runs and other things. Being together also kept our morale high and we motivated each other to continue on during this crazy time.

After the earthquakes and the chaos, being on the island and just hanging out was pretty special. It’s a super great place with so much to do on your days off or when you’re not diving.

During the recent earthquake, James and our Divemaster Candidates really were invalu- able to us. They helped with all sorts of side projects above and beyond the course. At Oceans5 Dive we really do stick together through the good, the bad, the ugly and even the shaky.

Lotte, another of our Divemaster candidates, loved the many facets of Gili Air life.

“I loved the freedom: that you could take a day off to go to the beach or climb Mt Rinjani and that you could take all the time you needed, no rush.

“I loved snorkeling and also Scubawing – it’s like learning how to do underwater acrobat- ics. And diving around the Gili Islands is amazing! All the best dives sites are only 25 minutes away or less.

“And I loved the people: the Oceans 5 family where everyone was so fun but when you had an issue everyone was ready to help.”

At Oceans 5 we pride ourselves on being one big family, welcoming all our guests and DMCs to come and join us. And not just when we’re at the shop: we do dinners, spend time off together and hang out when times get tough.

Divemaster candidate Marie, being a bit of a foodie, loved the variety of cheap eat op- tions available on Gili Air.

“Yes the diving is awesome, but the food! So many yummy places to eat. You can even get Italian pizza handmade by real Italian men, and authentic Mexican food!”

But when Marie did have to knuckle down and get working what she loved most was that she didn’t even have to leave the shop to get a good feed between dives:

“We may not have Uber Eats, but you can still organise to get your lunch delivered to the shop from all different places on the island whether it’s pizza or nasi, you’ll eat like a king and keep your energy up whilst you dive.

And while she was busy learning Marie could always have some cat therapy if she need- ed it;

“I love the fact that Oceans 5 is such a cat-friendly place.”


Gili Air is actually full of friendly well-looked-after cats. Wherever you go you can get cud- dles and make new friends both animal and human.

Gili Air is open for business and very much alive, and Oceans 5 is waiting for you to find your paradise here and maybe even a new career as a qualified Divemaster.

For more information on our Gili Air, PADI Divemaster Course check out:

Post Earthquake PADI IDCs on Gili Air

Post earthquake PADI IDC’s at Oceans 5 Diver Resort, Gili Air, Indonesia


Relaxing during your PADI IDC

Relaxing during your PADI IDC

At Oceans 5 Dive Resort, located on Gili Air, Lombok in Indonesia all remaining PADI Instructor Development Courses of the year 2018 are taking place according to schedule.

No one wants to go through a natural disaster. Unfortunately they are part of life and happen occasionally around the globe. Recently Nusa Tengara Barat (Indonesian province where Lombok and the Gili Islands are part of) had its share. A series of earthquakes terrorized the region. The situation is dire in the north of Lombok, where basic commodities like drinking water and food are not easy to come by. Other areas like the Gili Islands are more fortunate and are full on rebuilding to re-open businesses and get the local economy running again.

Diving around the Gili Islands

Diving around the Gili Islands

The importance of getting life back on track can’t be stressed enough. A lot of locals from the most affected areas are employed in the regional tourism industry and depend on their weekly wages to break the struggle.

Oceans 5 Dive Resort opened up their doors on the 21st of August. A short while later the Career Development Center was fully functional with a motivated local staff to welcome guests.
The same goes for the IDC department. Both of the classrooms had a little make over and are looking better than ever. An experienced team of PADI Course Directors is eager to show candidates the PADI way of life and train them to become confident and capable Open Water Scuba Instructors.


What’s in it for candidates who decide to come to Gili Air this time around?


Wonderful Gili Air

Wonderful Gili Air

Experiencing Gili Air like it was 10 years ago: A peaceful and serene little island with a lot of positive vibes.
An abundance of marine life! Very little scuba diving activity in the past weeks did wonders for the underwater world.
A chance to contribute to the local economy and put a smile on the face of the beautiful local community.
The same excellent quality of education in the best IDC facilities on the 3 Gili Islands, with an open water training site only 10min by boat and two dedicated 20m+ training pools.
2 weeks complimentary fun diving and a chance to co-teach with the Oceans 5 instructors to put teaching techniques that are practiced during the IDC in a real life setting.


The Oceans 5 crew and Gili Air are ready to welcome candidates!
For more information visit or send an email to


Chinese PADI Course Director at the Gili Islands

Chinese PADI Course Director Tin at the Gilis in Indonesia

PADI Instructor Tin or Li Ding, joined a few years ago our team. In this years he followed the PADI road till Course Director. We, Oceans 5 Gili Air, are very proud to have Tin in our team as one of the main Course Directors. This is Tin’s story how to become a course director, and how to achieve his dream. He will be the first Chinese PADI Course Director on the Gili Islands.

Tin’s story

My story of leading myself to becoming a PADI Course Director would be traced back to the moment I did my Instructor Development Course (IDC). I was naturally and completely inspired by the charm of the 2 Course Directors I had, meanwhile I just realized how important and encouraging to be a good role model for the future instructors to pass on your passion, enthusiasm, minds, approaches…

PADI Course Director Ding Li

PADI Course Director Ding Li


After becoming an instructor, joining Oceans 5 Dive Gili Air in Indonesia, i got another opportunity to grow and progress. High standard and quality teaching, the strong team capacity to work tightly, the courtesy of treating customers…, my career was just fully enriched by those people and spirits, till I cannot wait to share those what I absorbed to more people, I decided not to hesitate.


PADI Course Director Ding Li at the Gili Islands Indonesia

PADI Course Director Li Ding  at the Gili Islands Indonesia


“Teaching them to become nice PADI instructors”, I think that’s a really simple reason why I chose to be a PADI CD, but ‘sharing is caring’, since I care the industry, I would be more than pleased to share to those who are also ready.

Happy bubbles!

The route of a PADI Course Director

From BB to Gili Air to Kota Kinabalu : The route of a PADI Course Director.


Hey everybody, I am Pierre and I am a PADI Course Director!

PADI Course Director Pierre

PADI Course Director Pierre

This amazing journey started more than 6 years ago when I did my PADI Instructor Course at BB Divers, Thailand.
When I became a Staff Instructor, about 1 year later, I knew I was willing to reach the highest level in the PADI pro system of Education. I always loved to participate in developing, improving, mentoring and coaching candidates, whatever their level was.
After 4 funtastic years, it was time to move on…

During a dive holiday in Indonesia, I ended up in Gili Air.
When arriving, I stranded like many at Oceans 5. Dived there about 10 days and fell in love with everything. The team is amazing & the infrastructure is the best I have experienced in the world.

This is where I met Sander, the dive guru 😉 , PADI Course Director and owner of Oceans 5.
Sander talked me about his plans to create a unique Course Director Agency – Your IDC – and looking for different profiles of candidates.
Less than a year later, I arrived for good in Gili Air. Here is where I fine-tuned my training by staffing our monthly IDC’s and assisting our in-house CD’s Sander, Joeri & Giny! THANKS A LOT GUYS!

Pierre at the CDTC

Pierre at the CDTC

When I got selected for my Course Director Training Course, I couldn’t believe what was finally going to happen! This year, PADI organized a 2nd session in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

So beginning of September, I flew to KOta Kinabalu and started meeting fellow CD Candidates from all over the world as well as the PADI staff. These guys are amazing, we learned so much on teaching, counseling and evaluating tomorrow’s future of the dive industry.

I feel now fully ready to teach The Way the world learns to dive!

Thank you Sander & thank you Oceans 5.

PADI Instructor Course Gilis

PADI Instructor Course Gilis

Another PADI instructor course is over. Deciding where you like to start your PADI IDC is one of the most difficult decisions in your life. If you look at all the websites of all the dive centers, it looks like that they are all the best in the world with world class facilities and that they all have a super experienced course director.

So have a look what our former PADI Instructor candidates are thinking about the PADI IDC at Oceans 5 with course directors Giny Pinto and Joeri van Hal.

DiVe Instructor Mettin:

PADI IDC Gili Air in the Gilis

PADI IDC Gili Air in the Gilis

“Finally we made it…three weeks of open water dives, pool, classroom and Coffee and Tea past by sooo fast! We learned a lot about the daily dive business, about professionalism and how to open our mind for new views and experiences.

It was amazing to share all of these in our multicultural IDC and I am even more excited to see where our journeys will bring us together again.

For sure, one place will be Oceans 5…everyone finds back one day! Luv U guys…TEAM IRRESPONSEABLE!!! ;o)”

Scuba Instructor Omar:


Instructor Course Gilis in Gili Air

Instructor Course Gilis in Gili Air

“Io sottoscritto Omar Zampetti dichiaro:
di essere pienamente soddisfatto del IDC course effettuato dal 22/3/2017 al 4/4/2017 ad Oceans 5.
La cosa che più mi ha colpito è stata l’elevata professionalità degli istruttori e degli assistenti.
Il corso è ben schedulato, anche se po’ stressante,ma è quello che mi aspettavo da un dive center serio come Oceans 5.
Questo corso mi ha aiutato a colmare le lacune che avevo accumulato nei miei precedenti corsi e sono felice di averlo effettuatto ad Oceans 5.
Sono sicuro che questa preparazione risulterà fondamentale per il mio futuro lavorativo come istruttore PADI.
Grazie ancora”

Dive Instructor Nahla:


Dive Instructor at the Gilis in Indonesia

Dive Instructor at the Gilis in Indonesia

Becoming an Instructor with Oceans 5
Before the actual course began we first got prepared by repeating the skill circuit from our Divemaster course and by reviewing dive theory. That was very helpful because unlike one could think the IDC does not include any dive theory, so it’s better you are good at it before the IDC starts. 
But, no problem, we all got very well prepared and got better and better in the theory while doing a lot of exams.
fter having fun in the EFR Instructor course finally the Instructor Course Gilis started. That meant spending a lot of time in the classroom, in the pool and in the sea, learning a lot of new stuff and preparing many presentations. Of course, sometimes the course is really challenging, but during the course we got more and more confident. Now at the end of the course we all know that we are going to be amazing Scuba Instructors.
Thank you very much, Giny and Joeri, for preparing us super, super well  for the IE and for our future life as Instructors!!!

PADI Surface Marker Buoy Diver Specialty at Oceans 5 Gili Air

PADI Surface Marker Buoy Diver

Career Development Center Oceans 5 offers the PADI Surface Marker Buoy Diver Specialty- and Instructor Specialty course the whole year through.

clean up gili islands dive resort oceans 5

Surface markers

Used both in scuba diving and free diving, surface markers are a very handy and important piece of equipment. Surface marker buoys can be used to mark an area, though in most cases they are deployed to mark the position of a diver/buddy team.

There are two different types of surface markers:

  • Surface Marker Buoys (SMB’s)
  • Delayed Surface Marker Buoys (DSMB’s)

SMB’s are floated on the surface throughout the dive. Usually the person who leads the dive holds a reel with plenty of line that is connected to the buoy. This way it’s very easy for a boat to continuously monitor the position of the divers. In remote areas far from shore or in environments where currents are strong or conditions are rough an SMB is probably the safest way to conduct dives. In some countries (like Mozambique) it’s even a general rule or local law to dive with an SMB.
SMB’s come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Inflatable buoys that are sealed off by a cap or valve, often with a dive flag on top are quite common. SMB’s can also be made of a solid buoyant material. Inflatable or not, SMB’s are always brightly colored to ensure that surface support can easily spot the surface marker. Common colors are red and orange.
DSMB’s are inflatable signal tubes that are deployed under water usually towards the end of a dive, warning boat traffic of the presence of divers and to ensure a safe ascent. In technical diving DSMB’s are also referred to as decompression buoys. The shape of a DSMB is that of a long tube, making it easy to roll up and carry it during a dive and when it is deployed it becomes very visible when the diver pulls on the line and the tube is in an upwards position. Usually DSMB’s come in a red/orange highly visible color. Dual colored or yellow deco buoys usually serve as a signal indicating something is wrong and the divers require surface support to take action.
Although the shape of DSMB’s is usually quite the same, the design however can be very different:
Open ended: a signal tube with a slightly weighted open end to keep the open end in a downward position preventing the air escaping while being deployed.
Open ended self sealing: a signal tube that seals itself at the bottom when the air expands during ascent.
Sealed: signal tubes with either and inflation valve or a built in air supply and a pressure relief valve.

Divers and DSMB’s

Most problems with surface markers, and more specifically DSMB’s, occur during deployment. A sudden change in buoyancy, a reel jamming or equipment getting entangled in the line are just a few examples of common encountered problems. It is very important to use proper techniques and deploy cautiously to avoid an uncontrolled ascent.
During the PADI Surface Marker Buoy Specialty training divers learn a variety of techniques in order to deploy DSMB’s in a safe and easy manner. Candidates also get to work with different types of DSMB’s to experience handling different types. Next to the deployment of DSMB’s, we will also focus on how environmental conditions (current) determine the use of a surface marker. Also using an SMB/DSMB as descent and ascent line is technique that will be put into practice.

For more information on the PADI Surface Marker Buoy Diver Specialty and Instructor Specialty visit our website

PADI IDC Indonesia: Une expérience incroyable! by Julie Duvalet

PADI IDC Indonesia, Une expérience incroyable!


PADI IDC Indonesia by Julie

PADI IDC Indonesia by Julie

Quelques années maintenant que je plonge… Après avoir sauté le pas du divemaster, me voici inscrite pour PADI IDC à Océans 5 (gili air)! En partant, je ne savais pas à quoi m’attendre… En arrivant, je n’ai pas été déçu ! Un accueil on ne peut plus chaleureux dans un lieux agréable ! Tout le monde arrive au fur et à mesure… De super rencontre de tous les coins ! Mais surtout Giny ! Notre incroyable cours director ! Une femme pleine d’énergie possitive qui nous a appris, encourager et soutenu tous les jours ! Ça commençait avant le café et elle était toujours là, à notre écoute, après sa journée fini ! Giny nous a entraîné avec ardeur et sourire… Ainsi, en anglais comme en français ! Ce qui fut pour moi une aide mémorable ! Maintenant, ça team faboulous, faboulous tout comme elle, est Instructor !! Qu’un mot pour finir ” Whoop!! Whoop !!” Giny: je te remercie énormément !

Julie Duvalet PADI IDC Indonesia class February 2017